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Gratia Placenti

Sizemore, Jason & Ainsworth, Gill (Editors)

Gratia Placenti by Sizemore, Jason & Ainsworth, Gill (Editors)
Format: Hardcover, 194 pages
Publisher: Apex Publications, December, 2007
ISBN: 0978867669
$44.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


This is the much anticipated follow up to the Stoker nominated featured writer anthology Aegri Somnia. Gratia Placenti translated means "for the sake of pleasing." Thirteen of the most sinister, darkest writers in the horror business were tasked with conveying their take on the theme of gratia placenti.
Table of Contents:
Translatio – Geoffrey Girard
Follow the Canary – Athena Workman
Crasher – Debbie Kuhn
Some Glue Never Dries – David Niall Wilson
The Cutting Room – Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Bright Red Razors – Teri Jacobs
Party Makers – Adrienne Jones
Them’s Good Eats – JA Konrath
Something Wet – James Reilly
Popup Killer – Bev Vincent
Only Spirits Cry – R. Thomas Riley
The Listening – Neil Ayres
Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Mary Robinette Kowal

Cover art by Paul Bielaczyc