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Book of Dark Wisdom, Volume 1 - Issue 3

Book of Dark Wisdom, Volume 1 - Issue 3 by
Format: Softcover, 88 pages
Publisher: Elder Signs Press
ISBN: DarkWisdom3
$10.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


Parting Shot by Don DAmmassa
Variations on the Vile by Richard Gavin & D.F. Lewis
Last Light by Melanie Logue & Eric S. Brown
Plague of Fire by Lee Clark Zumpe
The Terror at Woodruff by Michael Penncavage
Taniwha by Mark Yohalem
Prey by Stephen Leclerc
Vanishing Curves by David Conyers
A Change of Life by William Jones
What Rough Beast Comes, a graphic tale by Justin Martin & William Jones
A Trick of the Light, an article exploring mirages and their role in history by Marian Kensler
Poetry by Lee Clark Zumpe, Kevin Dole 2, and David Ruiz
Artwork by Bryan Reagan, Dean Kuhta, and Rebecca Kemp
Fiction and gaming reviews, and more....